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We provides a series of programs for companies to obtain data on their collective awareness of social and environmental factors in order to assist company partners in achieving ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) goals.


Hendra Setiawan

“As one of the leading personal care brands in the diaper category, our challenge is to bring quality products that meet customers’ needs while also minimising environmental footprint as a way to help people live a better life. By adopting a collective approach and combining Duitin’s expertise in waste collection, we are confident to increase the diaper waste collection.”

Hendra Setiawan

Kimberly-Clark Softex

Juanita Xu

“We developed a great partnership with the Duitin team and their dedication and passion to the Sustainability Movement in Indonesia is evident in all aspects of our collaboration campaign. We appreciate the Duitin team’s creative approach in taking our mission together to the next level, and we hope to continue this great collaboration in the future to creat e better and greener Indonesia.”

Juanita Xu

SIG Combibloc Indonesia

Robert Sihombing

“Since Duitin’s establishment, Frutas has felt super grateful that Duitin is willing to collect cardboard boxes used to store fruits, even though there’s a lot, and that the waste collected will be used again for processing waste later on. To this day, we feel even more grateful when Frutas’ recyclable waste like cardboard and plastic can be turned into money which we can then use to buy electricity tokens for our office. ”

Robert Sihombing

Frutas Buah


Waste Tracking

We assist companies in running an Extended Stakeholder Responsibility (ESR) program using Track and Management to support their Environmental, Social, and (corporate) Governance efforts. We provides a platform for an ethical collection manner for them to collect, track, and manage recyclable waste from businesses, for example offices, headquarter even branches. Companies will then get a monthly insight into their reyclable waste collection and management, not to forget the environmental impact created.

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Consumer Insights

Employee Sustainability

We help companies develop recycling programs to motivate employees to live more sustainably by encouraging them to recycle at home. Individual employees within the coverage area will be able to request a pick-up of their recyclable waste and will be counted as a Duitin contributor by entering the company code we will issue. Employees of the partner company will be eligible for rewards for their contributions, and the partner company will receive a thorough report on the recyclable waste that employees collected and monitored using the business code, which they can use to assess the sustainability impact of their employees.

Employee Sustainbility

Post-Consumer Packaging Recovery

We develop a recycling program that is supported by our partner companies to reclaim their post-consumer items and lessen the environmental effect of their products. The Duitin app will allow users to return post-consumption products and earn rewards.

Post-Consumer Packaging Recovery

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